Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Gals and Guns

Speaking of the 80's......I can't NOT share this little gem from the 80's that I also found on YouTube.....

Like Girls in Bikinis?  Like automatic weapons?  Like watching girls in bikinis firing automatic weapons?   Got ya covered here!   Don't say I never gave ya nuthin, boys!

God I wish we could just go back to a time when you could order a VHS out of the back of a catalog.  A VHS tape that had nothing but 60 - 90 minutes of bikini clad babes firing guns.  God Bless America!

Damn, I miss the 80's!

It's no secret to anyone who knows me....I am an 80's buff.  I love everything about the decade of my childhood....from the cartoons and TV shows to the toys and the music.  It's all friggin fantastic!

  So the other night I was in need of amusement while Holly (my beautiful wife) was getting her Twilight Eclipse fix (for the umpteenth time.).  So I started to putz around on my laptop and decided to throw in a pair of earphones and watch some YouTube.  I can easily pass an entire evening this way.

I start to search through old 80's sitcoms and just happen to run smack into some clips from one of my favorites:  Mr Belvedere!  Score!  After watching the extended intro for the pilot, I happened across a golden little nugget of severely misguided 80's humor.  The episode in question is the one in which Wesley (the son of the family) becomes phobic of his friend Danny from school when he finds out that Danny has AIDS.  Topical, yes.  Appropriate for a sitcom.....perhaps not.

 Check out this clip and you'll see what I mean.

Yeah....that just happened.  OH.  MY.  GOD!  Back then I'm sure a few people chuckled.....and I'm sure there was the usual bunch with sticks up their butts who were offended by the joke.  However, looking back on this now....in these times when everything has to be SO friggin PC, because God fucking forbid you offend some asshole......this is pure comedy gold.....and it  serves to remind of a simpler time when you could get away with shit like this!