Thursday, June 23, 2011

Random Crazy Japanese Fun!

I love pretty much everything that has to do with Japan.  I think that the Japanese are so creative and so incredibly inventive.  A large part of my love of anything and everything Japanese has to do with my brother in law, who is COMPLETELY obsessed with all things Asian.  Apparently I've caught the bug because I just can't get enough of this stuff!

I was just trolling around and randomly started searching for Japanese advertisements.  For anything and everything.  I learned a few things that I didn't know before....but I won't get too far ahead of myself.  Check out some of this awesomeness.....

This massive blow up doll (according to the site I found it on) is an advert for an anime show on tv.  All I know is that there is a 50 foot school girl straddling a train and in my book, that equals 1,000% super-fun-happy-awesomeness!

Can someone please explain to me why WE don't have an awesome crazy mad scientist mascot for Dr. Pepper in the West?  This is friggin' sweet!  Me likey.

Quite possibly the coolest LaserDisc ad....EVER!  Frankenstein & Dr. Zaius in tuxes, probably waiting to go on their guest spot on Leno.....hanging out saying  "Hey man, come on over here and watch a movie with us!  It'll be fun!"  I'd SO be down for that.  Though I'm not sure why I'd be hanging out back stage at a Leno show.....

This is the description that came with the picture:    Little bacon wrapped sausages that acted as the crust, and mini hamburger patties on top of the mushrooms, soy beans, corn, paprika, garlic chips, green peppers, and pepperoni. It has 3 cheeses - Mozzarella, cheddar and parmesan. It also comes with ketchup and maple syrup for extra flavor.   Yes indeed..that right there is Japan's 646-Calorie-Per-Slice Pizza Hut Double Roll!!!!!  Um.....yes please!  Holy crap, it's like everything I love made into a pizza.  It's just missing a few crab rangoons on top......

So, remember I was saying that I learned a few interesting things?  Well check this out:  Apparently back in the day, western movie stars would get paid beau-coup bucks to do commercials in Japan for all sorts of things.  Check out some of these crazy commercials!

Nicholas Cage's Pachinko commercials.  Yep.  They're awesome.

Michael J. Fox in a bizarre Japanese soft drink commercial

Okay....seriously....what the hell?  Schwarzenegger doin' some seriously wacky commercials

Who knew, right?  Pure awesome-sauce!  Well, I suppose we can't very well talk about Japanese advertising without at least checking out a few video game ads, right?  

Hhhmmm...interesting.  Link & The Gang apparently are auditioning for Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation Tour......or something.  Bizarre Zelda commercial.

Holy Weirdness!  I would LOVE to know what Birdo is saying in this commercial.  If anyone who comes across this speaks Japanese, help me out!

Whoa....Metroid is one of my all time favorite games and this commercial is beyond cool

So many awesome commercials and ads!  Thought I'd share some of the awesomeness that I came across....I think I've done enough mind blowing for one night, so I shall bid you adieu!

Weasel Stomping Day!

Huzzah!  In honor of Weird Al Yankovic's newly released album, Alpocalypse on June 21st, I hereby decree that today is Weasel Stomping Day here at The House of the Atomic Rangoon!

Spread that mayo on the lawn!

And since we're in sucha  festive mood, here's the first single from Alpocalypse:
Perform This Way

Hi There!

I know what you're thinking:

"Just what this guy needs....ANOTHER blog!"

 Well this one is kinda more an experiment.  Rather than posting articles about specific things and trying to be all clever and stuff, I'm using this as a place to just vent some creative overflow, post about whatever I want without fear of it not jiving with the material on my other blogs.  Sure, there may be horror related stuff on here, or video games too.....who knows what will pop up!

I hope that if you find this little corner of my warped mind that you enjoy yourself and whatever you do, please don't take it too seriously.  Actually don't take it seriously at all!  I don't!  Kick back, relax, grab some pizza rolls and crab rangoons and have a ball!